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The Power of Presence

Just a few minutes after I stepped in the room, a cane flew towards me barely missing my body. My initial reaction was to leave the situation, but I knew this man was going through a really hard time. His wife was declining fast and just the slightest imperfection in plans erupted in anger. He was grieving and just needed a listening ear.

He later became know as “Mr. Pink Sheets” because he slept in his wife’s sheets in the months after her passing and became one of my dearest patients. He was going through such a hard time and we spent hours that day talking and resolving some of his concerns. His wife passed peacefully with him by her side and he later became one of my patients as well. He shared stories with me, especially of his time in the service, that he hadn’t shared with anyone. He processed their life together and was able to pass away peacefully himself.

Mr. Pink Sheets reminds all of us of the power of presence and being there even when it is uncomfortable. Each person that you pass by has a story to tell and needs a listening ear or even just a smile 🙂