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America is definitely aging — more so in some areas than in others. In 2010 Harris County, the seat of which is Houston, was ranked 7th among the top 50 counties in America with the largest populations of residents aged 65 and over.

According to the American Community Survey (ACS), 2009 to 2013 saw an increase of 58,000+ households with one or more persons aged 60 or older. During that same period, the number of households with one or more persons aged 65 or older jumped by 36,000+. By 2016, the number of Harris County adults aged 60 and above is projected to be in the area of 650,000.

To its credit, Houston has kept abreast of its changing demographics and has been actively instituting programs to help both senior residents and their caregivers. In 2008, the Houston Health Department convened a group of aging specialists to create an agenda for its aging populace. The group identified priorities that needed to be addressed, from health and well-being to mobility. The result is a robust spectrum of information, resources and support networks for seniors and their caregivers.

Dignity Hospice is doing its part in Houston by providing hospice, palliative and related care to its residents. One of the biggest misconceptions is that hospice is only for people within imminent death; the truth is that the service is for anyone with a life-limiting illness. Many people wait too long to go into hospice when they could benefit from the comfort, compassion and solace provided not just to the patient, but to his or her caregiver and family.

Our emphasis on hospice is to ensure a quality of life most needed at this tough juncture in a person’s existence. We can help clear up the most common questions that accompany this decision, such as the services that are entailed, the multi-disciplinary team that will be part of the process, and financial arrangements. In the event of a patient passing, Dignity Hospice stays in close touch with the family for 13 months as part of our bereavement support.

You do not need to go through this alone. Contact Dignity Hospice today to get the help you need, now.

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