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Giving Back to the Community…Life with Dignity!

Every patient we admit reinforces the understanding that Dignity Hospice exists because the community gives us the opportunity to serve.  Life with Dignity, our non-profit organization, is our way of giving back.

Life with Dignity’s Mission

  • Care for the Elderly
  • Development through Education
  • Empathy through Benevolence

Care for the Elderly

From time to time, the Dignity companies encounters a need that falls through the cracks of Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.  Life with Dignity meets that need.

Recently, we have provided hospice care for families that can not pay, provided medical equipment and extra caregivers to needy patients not eligible for benefits.

Development through Education

Generational poverty can be overcome!  Life with Dignity provides scholarships to individuals seeking to enter the healthcare field.  Often, it is a caregiver desiring to be a CNA, or a CNA longing to be a nurse that becomes the best professional simply needing a little help to make life better.  Life with Dignity makes a step up possible.

Empathy through Benevolence

You do not have to be elderly to have needs.  Life with Dignity provides benevolence to people of all ages.  For example, we were able to partner with our vendors and provide a hospital bed and specialized mattress to a young bed bound amputee who was developing bed sores.  The new bed can make the bed sores a thing of the past.

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