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Hospice Heroes Descend on Downtown Dallas

If you are in downtown Dallas this weekend, you might bump into a hero.  No…they will not be wearing a cape and they will not look much different than anyone else, BUT they are heroes nonetheless.  This weekend the Texas New Mexico Hospice OrganizationCaregiver hosts their annual conference at the Omni Hotel and hospice professionals from across the southwest will take part.

Hospice workers are heroes.  They provide care for people who are terminal, know that time is short, and are in need of comfort.  It is truly a privilege, but it is also a calling.  In almost every circumstance, the hospice team enters a chaotic situation and establishes order with finesse.  In addition, the hospice team, including people who VOLUNTEER to be a member of the heroic team, love what they do.  Does this make them heroes?

According to the dictionary, a hero is someone “who is admired for courage or noble qualities.” Hospice workers have the courage to say the truth, even when the truth is not palatable.  Furthermore, they have the courage to be present and alert when death is eminent.  They are people of character who respect privacy and provide the most gentle care even when they are capable of being a fierce warrior in the face of disease.  Yes…they are heroes!

So…head downtown this weekend, find one of our number, and take a selfie, give a hug, or simply rub elbows with a real hero!