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Hospice Alternate Administrator Remembers His First Day as a Certified Nursing Assistant

I can still remember my first day as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I arrived to the nursing home at 5:30 a.m. in order to be early and ready for the day ahead of me. As my shift began I quickly realized that 15 people’s lives are now in my hands.. What a reality check! My patients are relying on me to help them shower, dress, groom, transfer, eat, potty, and basically live.

Needless to say, fear began to creep in and I felt that I was not ready to handle this kind of responsibility. In that moment, I remembered the words of my CNA instructor Lee Turner, “Vernon you have a great heart to show compassion and care for those who cannot care for themselves, now put on your gloves and go to work.”

My first day was not my best day, but it was the day that I knew my calling was in the field of health care. So many people need compassion, love, and a person to share their story with; and I am blessed to be a caregiver who has been impacted with the stories and love of thousands of people.

So many CNA’s feel that they are not appreciated for the time and effort they give to their patients. I want to say “thank you” to all the CNA’s and Private Care Staff of Dignity that endlessly give of themselves.  Keep sharing Life with Dignity! Blessings.


Vernon Morrison

Alt. Administrator