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April 1st With Dignity!

On March 31, 2011, I found myself sitting in ICU at Baylor Hospital due to a softball accident from my husband being hit in the temple region of the brain. The CAT scan in ER revealed bleeding on the brain. After multiple tests, I reluctantly went home to have a fitful sleep thinking about life and how quickly an “event” can totally change the dynamics of my surroundings!

Early the next morning I entered Bill’s ICU room and saw a worried look on his face. He revealed the doctor had come by and stated the bleeding had not stopped but increased and they were getting ready to take him for brain surgery! In a split second, my mind immediately converted to my critical care RN training. On the outside I remained smooth and calm, but on the inside I was struggling with all the potential complications with this critical turn of events! I smiled and assured him God was in control and I would be there too!

He took a long pause, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Do you know what today is?”

I quoted the day of the week.

He said, “ No, I mean the date?”

Then I realized it was April 1st!!! A slow smile came across his face.

So I said, “You really are not having emergency surgery, are you?”

We were transferred to a private room within the hour. Life as we know it can change so suddenly! I encourage you today, to enjoy life and live it with DIGNITY.

–Debbie Lundy, Bill’s wife and Director of Nurses of Dignity Hospice