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5 Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

Getting enough exercise is important at any age, but it’s something we often overlook in our senior years. What a lot of people don’t realize, though, is that exercises for seniors are vital for all-round good health. As we get older, our exercise priorities change. It’s unlikely that you’ll be looking to run marathons at 80, although kudos to you if you are! For the most part, however, the secret to staying fit is finding a series of low-impact exercises for seniors that you enjoy and are happy to practice every day.

Many gyms have classes dedicated to exercises for seniors but that’s not to say you need to join a gym to stay fit. Instead, have a look at our list of exercises for seniors for more inspiration. Most of these exercises can be done independently and with no additional equipment.


If you’re new to exercise, walking is one of the easiest exercises for seniors – and probably the most enjoyable, too! Simply pop on your shoes and get out and enjoy the fresh air. If you plan on making walking a regular part of your fitness routine, it’s worthwhile investing in a good pair of walking shoes with arch and heel support. Whether you go walking on your own or with your Dallas caregivers, you can look forward to stronger bones, an improved mood, and better coordination.


Swimming is a great low-impact exercise for seniors that can help improve flexibility and endurance. Because the water supports most of your body’s weight, you can swim regularly without much impact on your muscles or bones. This is particularly beneficial if you’re recovering from an injury. Swimming also lowers your risk of disease and increases your energy levels, all while giving you a greater sense of wellbeing.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a fun way to combine swimming and cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise is great for seniors since the water helps to rehabilitate healing muscles and joints, and also improves circulation, too. There are a variety of different water aerobics classes for you to try, including Water Zumba, Water Step, and even Water Kickboxing! Check your local fitness centers to see what’s offered nearby.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial art that promotes the movement and control of energy in the body. Much like yoga, it’s a beneficial practice for both body and mind. Because it’s similar to a moving meditation, it can help you alleviate stress and anxiety, and find a sense of inner peace. It’s one of the safest exercises for seniors since it doesn’t put much stress on the muscles or the joints. You can often find Tai Chi classes for seniors at local community centers.


If you’re partial to a round of golf, you’ll be glad to hear that it has a variety of health benefits. Golf courses are usually scenic and relaxing places, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors while lowering your stress levels. It can help promote brain stimulation, improve your heart’s health and, since it’s a social sport, eliminate loneliness. In addition to this, golf is a low-impact sport with an extremely low injury rate. Just make sure you play it safe: stay hydrated, take plenty of breaks, and don’t play in the full heat of the day. Make sure you dress appropriately as well, and wear sunscreen.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this has inspired you to try some different low-impact exercises for seniors. Getting enough exercise is vital in your older years and can reward you with a whole host of physical and mental benefits. If you want to talk more about exercises for seniors, either for yourself or your loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our Dallas caregivers can help with physical and occupational therapy, and we may be able to make some recommendations for exercises depending on your condition.

There’s no time like the present to start caring about your physical health. Let us help you enjoy your senior years, happily and healthily.